Saturday, 27 December 2014

10 things that annoy me

Hi lovelies! :)

SO after the Christmas period of the holidays, I decided to write a little blog post about the things that annoy the living crap out of me, and I hope you will find some that annoy you too so we can relate and basically be best friends.

1) When you're making a word document and trying to make it all pretty by putting images and photos on it and no matter what kind of image frame you use, be it Square or Behind Text it does the opposite of what you want. It goes everywhere else on the page other than the exact place you want it to go. Even wipes out some of your text and important words. I mean what is that? Come on Microsoft, get your shit together.

2) Skinny people who make fun of bigger people who are working out to lose their problem weight. They are trying and you are knocking them down because it makes you feel better about your other insecurities. You haven't had the struggle of gaining weight over a period of time and trying to get rid of it to better yourself. UGH.

3) It really irritates me that some people who are beautiful can be really horrible inside. I think that it should be the case that however beautiful you are on the inside it should show on the outside. ie a beautiful person on the inside should be beautiful on the outside. It is not fair that people are given the benefits of life by being beautiful on the outside but nasty cretins on the inside.

4) That you can't use a normal pencil sharpener to sharpen eye liner (UGH FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS)

5) That to get anywhere in life, you need money

6) People on Tumblr who claim to be depressed and that they cut themselves. Yo, knowing someone who has been in that position before, it is a fact that those legit depressed people DO NOT want to talk about what they are going through. So these bitches who sit there and complain about it on the internet to other people are those people who PISS ME OFF. Stop "cutting" and pluck those eye brows instead. Its a great way to hurt yourself without actually endangering your life. I understand that some people do require the internet as a means to offload but those people who literally take pictures of their cuts or they make art or words out of the scrapes and scars need to signed up for an appointment to be seen by a Doctor because they have the case of "being a little bitch" which can be cured by a swift slap across the face so that their vision is not just secured by the thoughts of "me me me" and it can actually allow them to see what the real problems of the world are. This is in no offence to those people who are genuinely depressed and suffer in day to day life... I'm just calling those out who do offend them and actually make fun of their situation by splurting it all over the internet.

7) That Nandos don't offer the black card to anyone who is not a celebrity. I think that is so rude because I am what gives them 98% of their business. And they never pay me back. RUDE Nandos... Rude.

8) I hate doing a workout on carpeted flooring. I don't know why, I just hate hate hate it. I feel so slow and I'm fearful of the dreaded carpet burn.

9) When people are talking to me and all I want to do is walk away from boredom but they won't stop talking... OMG JUST SHUTUP!

10) When people are ungrateful for things that I go out my way to do.

These are the things I hate in life. And currently I am going through not being able to write two words without having to stop and say a few words to someone... that is also something that annoys the bejeeezuz out of me.
Anyways I hope you can relate and that I'm not just a very irritable person haha


Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Kissmass!

Hello lovelies! :)
So today is Christmas day, are you singing out loud for all to hear to spread Christmas cheer?
I have had the most magnificent Christmas so far... for reasons I cannot explain yet on social networking because nobody else knows about it in my family so until they know, you cannot know I'm afraid... don't take it personally I just cannot risk my family seeing it!

So what did you all get from Santa? I got nail polish, scarves upon scarves, straighteners, chocolates, jewellery and a NANDOS KIT! As I've been living in Berlin, I have been extremely deprived of a Nandos! Me and my wonderful boyfriend usually go every two weeks at least and get the yummiest chicken dinner, so living in a country where Nandos does not exist is quite literally terrible. #firstworldproblems right?

If you have never had a Nandos before... get yourself to your closest branch and eat away your piri piri virginity.

 This was the Christmas cake that myself and my talented sister had made. I made the snowman with the blue hat and scarf and she did the rest. It was a gift for my Granny and Granddad and they appeared to have loved it.

My table Layout... spot Frosty the snowman if you can!

Napkin Christmas Trees made by me... if you'd like to know how I made these, I can make a tutorial

Isn't this just the cutest ornament ever?

I had made the table layout this year... needs an iron over but I enjoyed creating it.
How were your Christmas table layouts lovelies?
I hope you all have the most magical wonderful Christmas this year! After a huge freak accident that occurred in Glasgow on Monday this week, it has made everybody I know really care about spending their day with family and loved ones as it just goes to show how life cannot be guessed. My heart goes out to every single family member or friend that knew those who were lost in the tragic bin lorry accident, and I'm praying for them.

Have a great Christmas and I'll see you all next blog post! :)

Ciaow for now, and merry Kissmass.


Sunday, 21 December 2014

It's Christmas!!!!

Hellooooo beauties!

SO same day, two posts... who'd have thought that was possible!?
I just wanted to wish any of you who are actually reading my blog, a merry Christmas!!! :D
I love Christmas so much!
This is me and my good friend Martin in Potsdamer Platz (Berlin) centre... with the Christmas Tree which is like a dream.
The Christmas tree there is absolutely stunning, and the decorations surrounding this area were just jaw dropping, seriously GO TO POTSDAMER PLATZ... like right now. Go. They also have a huge Ice slide which you slide down with a rubber tyre with your friends. Loads of fun! I went down the slide with Martin and whilst I was having the time of life (being the smaller/lighter person) poor Martin was being slammed against the side walls of the slide and spinning uncontrollably hahah... oh my... he was so silent whilst being forced down the slide while I was woohooing all the way down! Was so much fun and it was 1.50 EUR for one shot. Imagine paying that little for such a fun Christmas activity which I think I will remember for a loooong time. In Scotland, we'd be lucky to be paying less than £10 for something like that, so we had struck lucky and did it while we could.
Ice Slide in potsdamer 

But Christmas is a wonderful time of year... The best if you will.
I came home early from Berlin (where I have been studying for the past 3 months) and surprised everybody, which was awesome! The reactions I got were amazing.

Our flight was on Thursday 18th of December and omg the nerves were real. We had a presentation to do in the morning of the flight which just added to the nerves, but it went rather well and we got a B plus for it! YAAAAY! then we had to figure out how to surprise everyone the first night.
I was planning to go straight to my boyfriend's flat and surprise him there.
Now one thing you have to understand about me is that I can never keep my own secrets to myself. I was so surprised I actually managed to keep it a secret from anybody for the two weeks I was planning the surprise but I kept spilling little hints here and there. I would be the worst at organising a surprise party. I just get too excited for these things and HAD to give a few hints. Plus Tama (my boyfriend) had actually been getting loads of extra shifts at the restaurant he works in due to it being Christmas season and I wanted to make sure he was not working on the Thursday night. I planned a very sexy entrance... wearing my new lingerie underneath nothing but a winter coat, and to ring his doorbell and very slowly pull the jacket off, throwing it to the ground in a nonchalant manner and walking in with my heels one in front of the other whilst pulling off his clothes. (Dont judge me, its very difficult to be away from your lover for a period of time)
However, when we FINALLY got off of the plane, it was raining (surprise surprise Scotland), and it was very dark. I was not sure how to get a taxi home from the airport to his flat so my friend had to show me the pick up point of the airport... after tromping about in the rain, we finally found the pick up point for the taxi and at that point my entire bag was soaking (lingerie and all) so decided against the plan of wearing that stuff.
Then I had to wait about 40 minutes for a taxi... and when i finally got to his flat I went upstairs and knocked the door- no answer... knocked again... no answer... I tried for the handle and it was open thankfully so i walked in and his face was priceless but the reaction was different as he just started laughing...
He said that he knew I was coming home early from all the hints I was dropping. DANG. I knew I couldn't keep it on the down low. Oh well, we had some fun and then fell asleep very late in eachother's arms. He worked the next day so I just stayed at his flat and made food, did some laundry and cleaned up whilst relaxing and having my first bath (don't worry, I've been having showers) in 3 months... with bubble bath. Holy crap. It was great!
Then the Saturday came and I knew Tama was working so I went home to see my family. Surprised the lot of them and their reactions were amazing because they genuinely had no clue that I was planning this. My sister actually cried bless her.

Anyways now I am home for Christmas... I purchased a Christmas jumper decorated with polar bears and its SOOOO COSY and fluffy i could die.

I feel so content and happy to be home with the people i love.

So merry Christmas everyone and I shall post very shortly. :)

Ciaow City cats.


The beginning

Hello my beauties,

This is the beginning of my new, hopefully fabulous blog. This is a place you can come to relax and chill out after a long day of working or studying or just doing nothing. I will be recording my embarrassing moments, which if I don't laugh at I will surely cry at, so I'm encouraging you all to laugh with me and to enjoy my light to life moments.
I am a student, 19 years old, in a very committed relationship with a wonderful man, I live in two countries at a time, I have had a number of jobs but am currently unemployed, I have travelled, I like to pretend I'm famous, I prefer a night in with a cup of tea and Netflix than to get dolled up and jollyranchered (drunk as a skunk) (sometimes), I like long walks at night, I enjoy spending time alone as well as being in the company of those I love, I loooooove my life, I haaaaaate/looooooove problems, I also enjoy making music... and to wrap things up, I adore Christmas a little too much.

Wooh thats me in a nutshell now I want to hear about you. 
In this blog you will get to know what I am about and how my life goes. I am a clutz and I will record my moments for you, I am also a student and I know what its like to live on a very tight budget so I will be helping out with that too.
Never take life too seriously...

This is not like other Blogs... this is more like a personal journey and I hope you have fun whilst reading it!