Saturday, 31 January 2015


Hellooooooooo ladies and Gentlemice

So Happy new year!! Welcome to Emma's first 2015 blog post! let me tell you..
It has already been an interesting year indeed. I had returned to Berlin after my Christmas break and had been feeling very homesick. I was not feeling Berlin quite as i used to and it was leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
Lets start with the first big thing that happened to me in Berlin in 2015. I LEFT MY TEENAGE YEARS BEHIND.

But not to fret, I had an excellent birthday with some awesome people who did this for me...

We went out at the night to a really apt club for me and those people... Clubs in Berlin are amaaaaazing if you are with the right people. The majority of clubs in Berlin are created under Techno influence... ie music with no lyrics. Don't get me wrong, it's great but I really could not live in a city where that was the only genre of clubs available. Oh, wait a minute... I did! :O FOR 6 MONTHS! :O But we went to the E4S club in Potsdamer Platz.... right up my street!
We had a Mustafa's Kebab in the afternoon of my bday, which was excellent as usual! :) Im really beginning to hate myself as I have not taken enough pictures of my time in Berlin and I cannot show you how happy my face is when im with a Mustafa's Gemuse Kebab! But it is something like :D

Anyways so that was my Bday over with. Sad because I couldn't spend it with my family or Boyfriend but happy because I could spend my time with some incredibly awesome people in the best way possible!

My parents had come over for the week last week which was awesome! And we had all booked the same flights over to home again, unknowing of when they were booking their flight. Turns out we were all on the same exact flight just a seat away from each other! what are the chances...
When we got home to Sunny Scotland (I say that metaphorically because it never fricking sunshines here) (is sunshines a word) we drove home from the airport. Arrived at my family home in my small hometown and my sister was awaiting me with a surprise!

An Alice in Wonderland themed Birthday cake! It was absolutely incredible. My sister is a professional cake artist and she has made some astonishing, jaw-dropping cakes before! I shall do a segment on those cakes at some point! This was not only a random theme of birthday cake btw... I was planning to throw an Alice in Wonderland themed Birthday party at my new flat with my boyfriend. I made loads of decorations, and the place looked super wonderlandy!

I was obviously Alice. I had purchased a blue strapless dress from a European shop called Pimkie (such an awesome shop), some stripey black and mesh tights from Primark, a blue hair extension clip (poundland) and that was my alice look. I had also used blue makeup and curled my hair to make myself look more mad.

"drink me" tags for a straw
one of my many arrows 
There were many other decorations which I hand made but I will have to take a picture of them hoping my boyfriend has not already removed them! The party was soo fun! Saw so many people I had not seen in a loooong time, which made it that much better!

Anyways, to keep you uptodate about whats going on, I am having to return to Berlin on the 8th of February to sit three exams. I will be staying there until the 20th of February and then I move back home to Glasgow. I am frantically looking for a job as I am absolutely poor beyond all words. Where does money go?

Thanks for reading this rather lengthy blog post! I appreciate you.

ciaow city cats