Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tuesday's Haul is Full of Grace

Hello dudes,

How are we all today?
Well, I have had a very productive day today. I hope you all had a splendid Easter Weekend, and that you're all doing sit ups now after eating copious amounts of chocolate... but if you're not doing sit ups because you're currently eating your Easter chocolate, then please... carry on. Personally, I was not up to much this Easter weekend. My boyfriend was working Saturday and Sunday so I was rather lonely, but I had netflix to chill with until I went back to my hometown to see my family on Sunday. I was working on Monday- which was HELL. SO busy and warm outside AND inside. It was dreadful. But I am very glad that it is over.

So my friend is currently living in Paris until the end of May and wants me to come and visit her in May at some point. I may be starting two jobs in May but hopefully that shouldnt be a problem. I gotta make dough some how, and I can really do with Parisian sun and atmosphere. I was planning to go to Paris for a couple of nights and travel to Cannes afterwards for a couple of nights and then head back to sunny old Scotland. But we shall see how things turn out.
I have not been on a holiday as such for a very long time, in fact, since 2011! That was 4 years ago, crikey.

I will take this opportunity to equip myself for the coming trip, which I started to do today after going to University to be productive and all that.
This is Tuesday's Haul. I mainly shopped in TK Maxx and Forever 21.
Forever 21 was some cheeky lingerie, I'm really into bralette, non-padded bras, with a waist cover. I am not sure if I am describing that properly.

Tuesday's Haul is full of grace

In Forever 21, I bought this sports bra, which lets be honest will just be worn to keep comfortable when watching netflix.

        This is my eh sports bra, which i'm actually going to rename to my Netflix and popcorn bra.

I really love this shirt, I was originally looking for the same thing but in burnt orange to go with a black pencil skirt. But alas, I could not find one and settled for the cream one, which is just as beautiful. Very simple and so comfortable. - TK Maxx (£12.99)

This top is so casual but so cute, and I adore the embroidery at the top. I think it looks a little bit greek like. I bought it mainly because it went so well with my favourite purchase just below from here...
(TK Maxx £9.99)

A Pleated Sugarcrush skirt. It is beautiful. I saw it and had that moment... you know the moment that I'm talking about- the beauty Gasp! My hips are those which are very child bearing, much to my dismay and usually I cannot get away with wearing these types of skirts but this one was too perfect to pass up. So i adopted the skirt. For 9.99. Yes, you read that correctly, nine pounds and ninety nine pennies. 

Today was certainly very successful for holiday shopping! And I hope you liked my pictures. A haul will be kept for Tuesdays so that you can get a happy post. Because who isn't super happy when they spend their hard earned pennies on things that offer beauty?
I hope I can book flights to Paris soon, as I can now not not go now that I have myself half equipped. 

Thank you for reading my post loves! Until Thursday! 

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