Sunday, 29 March 2015

Return from the neverland

Yo dude!

How have you been? Where have you been? I have not been a anywhere else other than here... what is your excuse?

Nah, kidding on. Obviously. So here is a little catch up in the life of Emma!

I have returned for the final time to Glasgow from Berlin. I packed up and moved on home! My exams finished February 19th and I left the day after. It was a very emotional and surreal few last days in Berlin. Germany was such a huge part of my life and it was suddenly over... just like that! I loved it so much, without fully knowing how much i loved it and I slightly regret being homesick all those times, because now im home, and im sick of it and wish to return for a few days. 
Its true what they said you know,

"The home you live in really becomes you"

Okay so nobody really ever said that... ever... because it does not make much sense, but I think you can catch my drift. Travelling is a way of the mind and an escape for the heart. It either becomes you or breaks you.
I felt that during my time travelling away from home, it broke me. In some ways I still feel that is true because I have never felt the same way that I felt before embarking on my German adventure. However, maybe that is a good thing... maybe its great! In fact lets just conclude this and say it was a fabulous thing to happen to me. Obviously, distance for that long can take its toll on a beautiful relationship with a loved one, but I feel like everything is back to normal after a bumpy few visits and arrivals at home. Now I am thankful for how Berlin has taught me to deal with issues in everyday life.
Travelling teaches you so much stuff. It teaches you how fucked up your accent and slang is, it also teaches you all about yourself, and how much patience you have.
Anyways, there is me drifting off on a tangent. 
SO I arrived back at home and moved straight in with my boyfriend. We had to find a new flat due to complications with our previous letting agent... 
So we found this marvellous top floor flat, with a beautiful view of a park which is within walking distance to a cost effective supermarket and fast food outlet. Its a very small but cosy flat and we just need to take time to adjust its current level of homeliness until its perfect... the fungshui is all wrong and I need it to be balanced.
SO now I am 2 weeks away from completing 3rd year of University. One more year left... one more crazy, super stress-filled year left and then I am finished education. Scary scary thought. 
there was a lacking of pictures and I believe that a blog post is not complete without at least one picture... so here have my face and enjoy it! :)

Stay tuned in for an amazing budget-friendly student-friendlier recipe for lunch/snacktime Bruschetta!

Ciaow for now city cats!