Sunday, 21 December 2014

The beginning

Hello my beauties,

This is the beginning of my new, hopefully fabulous blog. This is a place you can come to relax and chill out after a long day of working or studying or just doing nothing. I will be recording my embarrassing moments, which if I don't laugh at I will surely cry at, so I'm encouraging you all to laugh with me and to enjoy my light to life moments.
I am a student, 19 years old, in a very committed relationship with a wonderful man, I live in two countries at a time, I have had a number of jobs but am currently unemployed, I have travelled, I like to pretend I'm famous, I prefer a night in with a cup of tea and Netflix than to get dolled up and jollyranchered (drunk as a skunk) (sometimes), I like long walks at night, I enjoy spending time alone as well as being in the company of those I love, I loooooove my life, I haaaaaate/looooooove problems, I also enjoy making music... and to wrap things up, I adore Christmas a little too much.

Wooh thats me in a nutshell now I want to hear about you. 
In this blog you will get to know what I am about and how my life goes. I am a clutz and I will record my moments for you, I am also a student and I know what its like to live on a very tight budget so I will be helping out with that too.
Never take life too seriously...

This is not like other Blogs... this is more like a personal journey and I hope you have fun whilst reading it!